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Bats have been villianized in Hollywood movies because let’s face it: they suck blood, they only come out at night, they’re kind of creepy right? Actually though, only certain kinds of bats drink blood, and even if they sought human blood, there are no vampire bats that would survive in New Hampshire. In fact the kind of bats we have around here are mostly brown bats and are good to have around because they eat thousands of nasty insects. A brown bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes per hour!

Bat Removal – Because They are Still Dangerous

Even though they are helpful in reducing mosquitoes, you still don’t want bats nesting in your attic anywhere else inside your living space. Here’s why:

Health Risks of Bats in Your House

Bats seek the protection of quiet, dark spaces to nest in. Your house has many of these. Most of the of time they will take up residence up high somewhere in your home’s attic or crawlspace. Bats carry mites, fleas and other insects into your home. Bats can also carry infectious diseases like rabies. The biggest danger of all though comes from their droppings. Bat guano that accumulates below a bat roost can grow fungus and produce spores that cause histoplasmosis, an infection of the lungs from breathing the spores. In many cases, it presents flu-like symptoms and goes away on it’s own. In some cases however, depending on your immune system and other factors, exposure to bat droppings can cause long-term illness and even be fatal.

Bat Removal in SpringProfessional Bat Removal

Spring is the right time of year to do bat removal because the bat’s mating season in NH starts around mid-April. Evacuating bats during the right season is crucial so that the bats and their young can find other homes and continue providing benefits such as eating all those mosquitoes.

A Bennett Wildlife Removal home inspection will determine if you’re dealing with a colony with babies, or just a few adult bats. This is important because if you remove the adult bats before the young can get out, the young bats will die inside your home and you don’t want that because it would be inhumane, create a foul odor and you will probably never find the dead bats to be able to remove them.

Bat Removal and Exclusion

Bat removal is important, but unless you plug up all the places where they can get back in, they will be back. Brown bats can fit through a crack as small as 1/2 inch! Bennett Wildlife Removal specializes in bat removal in Concord NH and surrounding areas. More importantly though, we also utilize proven wildlife relocation and exclusion techniques so that bats stay in the wild where they belong, eating thousands of mosquitoes, instead of in your attic or belfry putting your health at risk.


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