Pest Control & Wildlife Removal near Laconia & Dover, NH

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Safeguard your business with commercial animal control and removal from our company in Belmont, New Hampshire. At Bennett Wildlife Removal Services, we offer effective removal and exclusion that helps you avoid possible liability issues.
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Commercial Animal Control

Having critters on your property or in your walls is a liability! Our specialists lead the industry with safe, effective, and humane animal removal solutions. Keith is trained to handle any commercial animal control situation, from apartment buildings and retail stores to office buildings and warehouses.

Services Include:

  • Management Programs
  • Municipal Animal Control
  • Bird Control
  • Land Clearing

Custom Plans

Bennett Wildlife Removal Services takes the time to develop the right service plan for your business. We work with local business owners to provide the best possible solution to their animal control needs.

Statewide Service

Commercial wildlife removal services are available to areas statewide. If you think you may have bats in the attic or squirrels in the walls of your business, call us. From Plymouth to Keene, We Provide Exceptional Animal Control Solutions for Commercial Buildings, including:

    • Animal Removal
    • Wildlife Relocation
    • Dead Animal Removal
    • Animal Trapping
    • Bird Control