raccoons on a log

Raccoons are so cute and fuzzy with those little faces! They can also be very destructive to your property and even dangerous as they can carry many diseases picked up from their “varied diet.”

Getting rid of raccoons is a problem especially this time of year because in fall the raccoons, along with the squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, etc.. are looking for a warm dry place to get in out of the elements, just as we new englanders do. The problem is that they want to share your space, and don’t mind “remodeling” a bit to make it feel more cozy.

Raccoons have sharp claws for digging and strong grip strength for tearing things open. They can claw their way into your basement, crawlspace, garage, or attic very easily. Once there, they are likely to build a nest, deposit feces, urine and pieces and parts of whatever they caught and dragged home for dinner. The result is usually a foul odor, and worse, a lot of disease ridden waste and carrion rotting in the hidden parts of your home.

Raccoons can also carry rabies. If you or one of your pets gets bit or even scratched, it can make you very sick, or even cause a fatality.

raccoon trapping and relocationWhen it comes to getting rid of raccoons in New Hampshire, trust the experts at Bennett Wildlife Removal to locate the nuisance wildlife, humanely trap them, relocate them to a protected wildlife preserve and professionally clean and restore any damage they have caused.


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