brown bat removalWith temperatures getting colder in New Hampshire, September and October are critical months to get bats evicted from your house for good. As the thermometer drops, bats become less and less active, and before long will begin hibernation. The bat’s pups are full grown and along with their parents, are actively searching for places to hole up for the cold, cold winter. Bats instinctually love attics. Your attic is warm and high, protected from predators – to a colony of bats, it’s heaven! Your attic is like an artificial cave, only nicer because it’s entry is smaller and safer. Bats love it!

Get Professional Bat Removal Now

Bats only need a tiny opening, as small as 1/2 inch to get in. If bats have taken up residence in your attc, you have a brief window from September to mid October to get them out and keep them out. Here’s why:

If the bats are not removed now, soon they will stop moving in and out of your home and you’ll end up hosting a hibernation cycle with 6 to 8 months residue of bat feces and soil in the insulation of your attic. Bat feces, along with all the parasites and diseases they carry, can cause a serious health risk to you and your family, as well as costly damage to the resale value of your home.


If you suspect bats are in your attic, don’t delay. Arrange professional bat removal and exclusion to eliminate them from the areas they’re trying to nest and keep them from getting back in.

Bat Clean Up and Waste Removal

If the insulation in your attic is heavily soiled, it needs to be totally removed and safely disposed of to avoid health issues, liability issue and damage to your property which could result in degradation of your quality of life or the value of your home.


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