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I get it. We all want to save money and make things easy. Unfortunately, trapping wildlife yourself can cost you more in the long run. With the warmer weather, the skunks, squirrels, racoons and mice are on the move. That means they will be looking for food, shelter and they might just find your house or property a good source of both. Before you decide to take matters into your own hands, consider that the majority of calls I get are from people who have tried to rid their homes of nuisance wildlife themselves and wish they hadn’t.

Why Hire a Professional Trapping Service

At Bennett Wildlife Removal we’ve rid hundreds of homes of unwanted wildlife. Our expertise as a premier professional trapping service has saved people collectively hundreds of thousands of dollars. We know exactly how each different animal thinks, what they are after and how to best get them out and keep them out of your home or property.

Why Pay More?

Homeowners who try to trap nuisance wildlife on their own end up paying more to take care of these types of issues, risking the health of themselves and their families, and generally suffering with the animal’s presence way longer than necessary. That’s because improper trapping techniques can disturb the environment which puts animals on edge. Also inappropriate trapping can make wildlife “trapwise” and way harder to catch. Often it takes 3 times longer to capture and eliminate an animal once amateur techniques have been tried. The longer it takes a professional to trap them, the more money it costs. Then there’s the safety issues and health concerns involved. Wild animals carry dozens of harmful diseases that can be spread by being bitten or by coming into contact with their nest or feces.

Save Money – Call Us First

Using professional trapping services by Bennett Wildlife Removal is cheaper, quicker and less damaging which keeps you from harm, saves you money, time and protects your investment. The second you hear a noise that could be a rodent or other unwanted wildlife, call us to come inspect the situation. You will be glad you did.

Trust the pros at Bennett Wildlife Removal to do it right the first time:


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