Do Squirrels Hibernate?

It makes sense that squirrels and other wildlife would be hibernating due to the cold and the lack of food during New Hampshire winters, but it’s not the case.
Are Squirrels Active in Winter?
Some bears hibernate, but only those who possess enough body mass to sustain them for extended periods. Squirrels are so small they necessarily […]

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Professional Trapping Services

I get it. We all want to save money and make things easy. Unfortunately, trapping wildlife yourself can cost you more in the long run. With the warmer weather, the skunks, squirrels, racoons and mice are on the move. That means they will be looking for food, shelter and they might just find your house […]

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Bennett Wildlife Removal Gets More Great Reviews

Good reviews are no accident. Bennett Wildlife Removal works hard and works smart to ensure your nuisance wildlife problem is handled safely, humanely and professionally, and our customers recognize how the precision and attention to detail of our efforts sets us apart.

Trust the pros at Bennett Wildlife Removal to do it right the first time:


Call […]

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Professional Bat Removal

With temperatures getting colder in New Hampshire, September and October are critical months to get bats evicted from your house for good. As the thermometer drops, bats become less and less active, and before long will begin hibernation. The bat’s pups are full grown and along with their parents, are actively searching for places to […]

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Getting Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons are so cute and fuzzy with those little faces! They can also be very destructive to your property and even dangerous as they can carry many diseases picked up from their “varied diet.”

Getting rid of raccoons is a problem especially this time of year because in fall the raccoons, along with the squirrels, chipmunks, […]

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Woodchuck Removal Service

Woodchuck removal services by Bennett Wildlife Removal are a great value – saving you time, money and frustration in the garden.
“The woodchuck ate my garden again!”
Protecting your garden against woodchucks (also called groundhogs) can be quite a challenge. Early summer in New Hampshire is the time of year, right about when the fruits of your […]

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Bat Removal in Rochester NH

Looking for bat removal in Rochester NH and surrounding areas? Give Bennett Wildlife Removal a call.

Bats are good to have around because they can eat thousands of other pests you don’t want around such as mosquitos carrying Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEE). A single brown bat consumes as many as 1000 mosquitoes per hour!
Bat Removal […]

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Raccoon Removal in Concord NH

Raccoons are so cute, right? And they’re one of the smartest woodland critters you will see around your home. Their antics can be very entertaining, but because of their innate curiosity and voracious appetites, they can also become nuisance wildlife – destructive to your property and even a serious health hazard to you and your […]

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Bat Removal in Concord NH

Wildlife Removal near Concord, Dover & Laconia, NH

If you have concerns about bat removal in Concord NH and surrounding areas, give Bennett Wildlife Removal a call.

Bats have been villianized in Hollywood movies because let’s face it: they suck blood, they only come out at night, they’re kind of creepy right? Actually though, only certain kinds […]

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Lawn Damage from Raccoons and Skunks

As the winter ebbs and the ground begins to thaw, this is the time when
raccoon and skunks begin to damage lawns like this. In their search for food, they dig up a section and then literally flip the sod over, looking for grubs (insect larva) that have been deposited in the ground last fall by […]

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