Woodchuck removal services by Bennett Wildlife Removal are a great value – saving you time, money and frustration in the garden.

“The woodchuck ate my garden again!”woodchuck

Protecting your garden against woodchucks (also called groundhogs) can be quite a challenge. Early summer in New Hampshire is the time of year, right about when the fruits of your labors begin to appear – that woodchuck removal becomes a big priority for gardeners.

Woodchucks have been hibernating through the winter, maybe had a litter of three to five young and now are on the hunt for a great place to eat and your garden looks like a shopping mall. Woodchuck burrow into the ground, and are very elusive. It’s rare to see one in action. Usually you will know they were around because of bite marks on your veggies. They wont eat the whole cucumber. They will take a little bite out of each one.

“Weve tried everything.”

Woodchuck repellent in the form of chemical deterrents can work, but rain washes them away and then they come right back. Proper fencing can work as well, but it has to be buried a foot deep, three feet high and no holes larger than 2×2 inches. That includes the gate. Chicken wire is inexpensive enough, but by the second season, it’s often rusted out along the ground and the woodchucks push right through it. Electric fence is better, but you have to constantly keep after it to make sure it’s not grounding out.

Woodchuck Trapping

Trapping woodchucks and relocating them is the most efficient way to rid your garden of nuisance wildlife. Bennett Wildlife Removal is a trapping service with decades of experience humanely trapping woodchuck and relocating them to a new home far away from residences or businesses. Wildlife removal, especially crafty woodchucks, can be very tricky, and even dangerous. Trust the pros at Bennett Wildlife Removal for this and any other pest control issues.


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