Don't Put Up With Nuisance Animals

Get wildlife removal services in Concord, Belmont, Dover, Rochester, and all New Hampshire

Have an unwanted guest in your home and yard? When you need an animal removal expert in Concord, Belmont, Dover, Rochester and the state of New Hampshire turn to Bennett Wildlife Removal Service, LLC. We're a family-owned and -operated business with over 35 years of experience. We follow safe capture and release practices for all kinds of nuisance animals.

Contact us now to get rid of the nuisance animal in your home. We service residential and commercial properties.

Taking care of every kind of pest

You can trust our experts to remove any kind of nuisance animal. Animal trapping and release are our specialties. We can remove:


Whatever kind of animal has made your property its home, we'll trap and release it safely. Call 603-707-1627 today if you need wildlife removal services.

Protecting your property

In addition to our wildlife removal services, we offer general contracting and wildlife damage repair services. After we've removed your nuisance animals safely, we'll take care of:

  • Wildlife exclusion-we'll seal any entry points into your home
  • Cleanup-we can remove any damaged insulation and debris with our powerful HEPA vacuum
  • Repairs-we can repair or replace any rotted wood, damaged roofing materials or broken vents

We can protect your home from future pest invasions with our comprehensive exclusion services. Email us today from more information on our wildlife removal and wildlife damage repair services.