Nuisance Wildlife Removal Humanely and Respectfully The First Time

Wildlife Damage Repair


Restore your home or business after an infestation with wildlife damage repair, waste cleanup and odor elimination service from Bennett Wildlife Removal.

Wildlife Removal & Damage Repair Servicing All of NH.

Complete Damage Repairs

Removing nuisance animals will stop further damage, but now you are left with holes in your dryer vent or walls, which could result in potential fire hazards from nibbled electrical wires. We use our knowledge of animal control coupled with sophisticated equipment to locate any areas of concern and fix them for you to ensure your home or business complies with local building codes and is free of danger.

Odor Elimination

Nuisance animals can also cause serious odor problems in the home. We will identify the source of animal odors and eliminate both the current source (for example, excrement removal or possibly a carcass) and the underlying cause (the animal’s entry into your home).
In many cases, wildlife damage repair and nuisance animal cleanup are covered by homeowners’ insurance, reducing your out-of-pocket costs.


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